Hobby Boss M4HST engine room question

Hi all,
To the lower left of the air cleaner C40/44, above part C32 on the fuel tank, there’s a contraption that can be seen in several of the primeportal photos:
It’s black and bolted to a metal plate which in its turn is welded to the traverse (missing in the kit) that also serves as support for (filter?) C4 on the air compressor at the left of the engine. I have a notion that it has to do with electricity, as there are some cables in the area that seem to go into it.

Can anybody please take a look at the M4 in their back yard and tell me what that gizmo is, or better, lead me to a photo of it?

TIA, Peter

Another view ?



Thank you, Henri Pierre; but what it is, keeps being anybody’s guess …

Based on Frency’s image, I’d say it was the voltage regulator.


I was hoping you would would step in ! Thanks Kurt.

Could be one made by Delco-Remy, similar to this one fitted to a M2 half-track awaiting restoration …


Yup, it’s a D-R item.


Aaaah - so that belt-driven cylinder on the fuel tank is the generator, connected to the regulator by the electric lines I saw. Makes sense.
Like the girl said,you learn something new every day - thank you so much, Kurt and Henri Pierre!

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Kurt, Henri Pierre,
Thanks to your help, I could make sense of that steel plate on the side of the fan housing, next to the fan drive belt tightener wheel, in the photo I took at the Belgian Gunfire Museum near Antwerp a few years ago:

And that helped me to scratchbuild my replica - considering how little of it will be visible, I refrained from wiring it …


Now here’s another question about the engine room’s contents: In the lower left of the photo of my driver’s working place there’s the Winch Clutch Lever whose rod will go under the seats to the winch.

Can anyone please show me where it will connect there?
Thanks in advance,

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Yes ~ Voltage Regulator. Controls the charging voltage going from the generator to the batteries. A very finicky, hard to adjust, item in real life.

Same/similar device can be found mounted to the inside of the right front fender (under the hood) on a standard WWII US Jeep.

Originally painted semi-gloss black with an attached metal label on top.

Very nice work in the cab!