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In the works at Hobby Boss is the WWII-era Romanian tank destroyer based on captured Soviet T-60 light tanks, of which 34 were built. The kit is scheduled for release in May.

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Another resin kit becomes obsolete …

You mean again? Miniart made two kits of Tacam.

Thanks for refreshing my memory.
Must be getting old or something …

The one from Miniart has spoked wheels so there is a bit of variation.
The resin kit wasn’t a resin kit either, it is a conversion by ADV/Azimut based on Aeroplasts T-60.
Recommended for Masochists age 25 and over

Maybe, I would say too many kits and lots of releases makes that tough to keep up with.

Based on the T-80 and other T-60 kits Miniart is not a box shaker either but probably a lot easier to build. Interesting to see how HB does the kit, they can have high part counts but not usually not too bad. Closer to balance on detail and construction.

Recommended for Masochists age 25 and over

Being a naive 15 year old modeler I want to try building it… :laughing:

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