Hobby Boss Type 59

Part of the pile of shame.
Painted the yellow and black on tonight.


Looks good! Are you doing this in PLA markings?

Yes I am, the kit comes with a few options

No shame there Dan, that’s going to look really nice. Well done with the camo, looks tidy without being a stencil.

Thank you much

I like the camo colors.
I need to stop procrastinating and add some “modern” Russian armor.

Thank you, this is actually Chinese of course

Decals on!


Decals look good Dan! :+1:t2:

Thanks! I was surprised on how well they worked.

Nice color scheme. Looks like you freehanded the camo. Nice tight lines if so. :+1: :+1:

I did, thank you.
I still have problems with splatter and had to go back and touch up.

I also freehand as I am too lazy to mask. Some tips that you may already have discovered so my apologies if so. I thin the paint heavily maybe 3/4:1 thinner to paint. This allows you spray at a much lower pressure and to work closer to the surface. Once you have outlined the pattern, spraying into the pattern at an angle also helps to cut down the overspray. The thinner paint will require multiple passes to get coverage so this will increase the time it takes to paint. May take some practice and experimentation with the paint thinner ratio with your paint of choice. Hope this is helpful. Good luck.

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Semi gloss on


I suppose it is unlikely that this company will ever make THAT incarnation, right?

I don’t understand?

All you need now is a civilian figure…

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I think he’s referencing the 1989 model

This kit comes with this camp scheme as an option and the famous photo is the version with the US 105mm (which I think HB is doing).