Hobby Boss: Upcoming Kits | Armorama™

Hobby Boss kits slated for October 2022 release.

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Thanks for the information Tat. It’s curious that Hobby Boss releases a Bergepanther Ausf. G when Trumpeter already has one…

That Scammel with the trailer is going to be absolutely massive. With the appropriate load will make for a great display.

The load on the Scammell looks strange. Unknown British MBT?

It looks like a later model Chieftain w/the turret turned to the rear to me.

I agree Gino yes that’s what it looks like.

Wasn’t the 20mm Flak gun only fitted to some of the early Bergepanthers which were refits of returned Ausf D and A?

That is the original position for Bergepanther A, nevertheless, never seen in action. Only one museum piece have the 20mm installed. The recommendation would be to leave the base empty.