Hobby Link kits from Vietnam

Anybody got some info about them ?

Here’s their stuff on Facebook


Some examples :

Looks very nice…


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Never seen them before, but their products look great and prices seem reasonable. I may have to look into them more.

There is a bit more info and a few more pics of the Rome Plow from Hobby Link under the “Wish List of Modern Kits 2023” discussion.


Yes, the models are all 3D printed. Hobby Link already has a considerable line of mostly Vietnam era kits but Soviet as well - M60 and M62 Wrecker conversions for AFV Club, Kraz 255B tractor conversion and trailer kit, Australian 15ton Tilt Deck, Ural 375 crane, etc. Some of it does appear to be a bit simple and closeups of some of the parts do show some of the 3D print striations, but considering that most of these items are unavailable elsewhere and the prices are very reasonable (i.e the Tilt Deck is $40 USD, Rome Plow is $50, based on FB Posts), I can accept some of this.

Wannamaker Hobbies has posted on Hobby Link’s FB page that they intend to carry some of the items.

ohhh my! I’ve been wanting to find a Cat with a Rome Plow for the longest time, didn’t anticipate anyone would do an M163 weapons station and interior though . . . this is a great find, I tip my hat to all the new 'Nam era products being developed these days, wish this renaissance had started ten years before it did, there’s no way I could ever build all the fantastic kits out there from the SEA period.

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