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New manufacturer out of Vietnam specializing in Nam era items

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The M123 tractor is just massive. I built the resin Tank Workshop kit about twenty years ago, and had to depend on a build article in Military Miniatures in Review (MMiR, a great publication!) to complete the TW kit. I couldn’t afford to acquire an M15A1 trailer though.

It is huge. I scratch-converted one almost 20 years ago using parts from an old Monogram 1/32 5-ton wrecker, Italeri’s M923, Tamiya’s Dragon Wagon, wheels from a 1/25 truck, and lots of sheet styrene.

In the raw (prior to adding the ramp parts to the M15A1 trailer).

I think it came out pretty nice in the end.

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The M125 mortar carrier ( for the M29 81mm mortar.) was used by the Australian Army in Vietnam