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Ditching their 40% off coupon on 28 February. Better buy that Lindberg T-55 while you still can!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I just might… :thinking:

Saw that on the news last night. Will miss those.

Darn, guess I should be happy with the two $50 Tamiya Sherman M4A3E8’s, I picked up for $30 each.

Is the T-55 even worth it though with the discount? I’d certainly grab another easy 8 but haven’t seen it or any other Tamiya kits on the shelves in over a month. It’s around the corner from my work, I’ll admit I’ve been known to go one day for glue, the next for putty and so on just to use the coupon. They are saying they are discounting across the board instead so we’ll see.

Well, I guess they won’t be seeing me as often.

IMHO a Lindbergh T-55 isn’t worth the value of the shrink wrapped around the box.


I hear ya. But I built one when it was a new release, and part of me would like to have another go at it and fix it up a bit. There was no internet, and my reference library was pretty minimal back then…

Same here. It was actually voted 1989 “Kit of the Year,” as bad as it was. I built it with a brass barrel I made myself, lots of lead foils for the stowage box and fuel tank mounts, and a good supply of parts from the Tamiya T-62. I ended up selling it. I hope it still proudly sits on his shelf.
But a POS it was for sure.


IMHO a Lindbergh T-55 isn’t worth the value of the shrink wrapped around the box.

Makes me want to buy 2 of them, build one OOB to see how truly horrible it is and try to add some scratch details to the other…

All in the name of science of course! :laughing:

LOL, I’d suggest starting with one…two Lindbergh T-55’s in close proximity could cause an implosion in the space time continum :slight_smile:

It would make a good build campaign, everyone building a Lindy T-55

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I like that idea for a campaign!

Like the GameStop stock market meltdown… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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