Hobby shops in Singapore and Manila?

I’ll be going to Singapore and Manila next week. Are there any good hobby shops in either city that I should plan on visiting? I focus on aircraft and armor, if that makes a difference.

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I used to visit Mworkshop… If visiting Singapore don’t miss this. Search in facebook for location and contact details… Run by a modeler himself. You will get a great variety of subjects to choose from…

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Google might be your friend. Quick search reveals several potential finds. But you might have to sort out the RC and paper stores to find the real gems. :wave:

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely head on over!

That’s part of the problem; most of the results of my searches have been RC or other types of stores. That’s why I figured it might be useful to see if anyone here knows of any good shops.

Wow, you’re right it’s eaten up by RC and collectables shops. Best I can tell, these 5 might be good options. Most are in the south.
TR hobby - mostly anime
Miniature Hobby Mostly Meng & Academy
Hobby Art Gunpla
Hobby Point Wide range of plastic kits
Hobby Bounties Wide Range of kits
Happy Hunting. :wave:

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