Hobbyboss 1/35 Buffel

I am building hobbyboss’ new 1/35 Buffel armored recovery vehicle. The model is otherwise excellent, particularly for a hobbyboss model of a Leopard 2 family vehicle. However, there is a major problem:

The spare engine rack is far too narrow. This is unfortunate. Buffel typically carry a spare MTU 873 power pack for the leopard 2 tanks on its own engine deck to facilitate rapid field powerpack replacement. Hobbyboss did not choose to provide a spare powerpack. The aftermarket mtu873 power packs from Rye Field models annd Perfect Scale all agree on the width of the transmission box, which is also consistent with dimensions mentioned in BTU’s own advertising literature. The power output coupling on either side of the tranmission is suppose to sit on two arc shaped supports built into the spare engine rack on the buffet’s deck. But hobbyboss made these arcs are 1/4 inches too close together, and made them toe in instead of being parallel. In fact, hobbyboss got the angle between the individual arcs and the trapezoid shaped support frame right, but made the two slanted sides of the trapezoid too close to parallel, so the arcs, which are suppose to be in two parallel plans, in fact toe in towards eachother.

So I am thinking of reworking the rack and it’s support (unfortunately all installed, so have to be cut away and reworked) so I can put a aftermarket spare powerpack on it.

Does anyone know of any good photos or drawings of the Buffel showing the spare powerpack rack and its forward mount against the back of the superstructure?

That’s disappointing. I’ve got one in my stash and planned to use the RFM power plant.
Sorry, but I have no reference pictures.

Maybe @Frenchy can help?


Pics 40, 47 and 48 should help… (providing that’s what you’re looking for of course :wink: )


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give this site a try, picture to get you their,
022g.jpg (900×506) (panzer-modell.de)

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So they just drive around with a spare engine on top? Is it covered or anything to protect it from the elements?

That seems quite odd, even if it were in a container.

yes, on exercises and on road marches. Even on train transportation. Mostly the pack is covered with a customized canvas cover.

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The Takom Bergepanzer 2 also has the power plant fixture on the rear deck.

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So I was completely off the mark…

These should be more helpful



Apparently, the newer Buffel doesn’t carry the power pack anymore - they replaced it with boxes on the Bergepanzer 3A1 version. The kit is of the 3A0.

The Bergepanzer 2 did only rarely carry a powerpack in the public. Myself, it took me 30 years to photograph it for first time. I don´t think of carrying one on an open day or so. When they head to a change, they surely will carry one. However, on the march that is rarely done whereas Büffel often carries it also on the march and even on railway transportation. Picture is taken from a Danish Leopard ARV around year of


the rack for the spare power pack on the Bpz 3 is attached to the engine deck by spring loaded quick release clamps. it can most likely be changed on the fly depending on mission specific needs.

I think the need for spare engines would be greater if the leopard 2 fleet being supported by the Bpz 3 is engaged in traditional armored advance farther from logistic base and along less well reconnoitered paths of advance than if it is engaged in supporting peace keeping near a fire base.

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Bergepanzer 2 is a much smaller vehicle than the Bergepanzer 3. The Bergepanzer 3 can lug around a spare MTU 873 and still have room on its engine deck for stowing spare road wheel, idlers, towing tackles, etc in a easily accessible manner. A MTU 873 power pack will take up the entire engine deck on the Bergepanzer 2, leaving no room to store things like spare road wheels in such a way that these can be readily accessed without first removing the spare engine, So it seems impractical for the Bergepanzer 2 to carry an spare MTU 873 routinely just in case it would be needed.

Not really…there is space for the items you mentioned. However, Bergepanzer2 transports MTU838 for a Leopard1. That´s smaller than MTU873. Maybe it is more a question of the total weight of Bergepanzer2 with the pack and I also guess the centre of gravity is higher or or more off centre different than on Büffel…

I meant Bergepanzer 2A2, which was upgraded to service the Leopard 2, carrying a MTU 873 power pack for the Leopard 2. Superimposing the dimensions of the MTU 873 power pack on the Bergepanzer 2 shows it can;t be carried transversely because the powerpack is longer than Bergepanzer 2’s width minus the space taken up by the crane boom , and carrying it longitudinally would occupy essentially the entire engine deck, covering the deck mount for the spare road wheels.

I had to do this with mine cut the front cross bar in the middle and put a small peice in its not seen once engines on and the curved parts for the final drive ends are way to long they also need cutting down! Theres lots wrong but we have corrected ours with our design work on the 3D printers! They have just announced the Bergepanzer 3A1 the rear is new tooled fornthe lights being up in the grill also good for the border kodiak another joke of a kit that we are making a production upgrad set for! Goot to see the new iraq unarmoured version coming! The clues for the 3A1 are in the instructions for blade extensions and on a PE fret 3A1 so we have been waiting for this!