Hobbyboss 1/35 Jackal Arrived

Hi all,

well the hobbyboss 1/35 Jackal arrived today and when I saw the state the parcel was in, the alarm bells started to ring.

as I looked at the actual box my heart sank…

I opened it up, which was another challenge in itself and it looks for the most part that the kit is alright. some sprues are bent but the parts seem ok and still attached. the PE is fine, only one section was slightly bent and was easily fixed.

so folks it looks like I dodged a bullet.

just thought I would share this with all of you, especially if you’re ordering from eBay.


Did you buy from an individual or an e-store? I find the Chinese e-stores package everything pretty well, but a lot of random people selling kits they don’t want any more tend to lack knowledge on packaging for shipping.

@brekinapez I’m not sure, I’d need to check.

My Jackal arrived today as well but in much better condition.

Thanks for sharing. Now when you have the kit, is it a Jackal 1 or 2? It has been discussed before here at Kitmaker but now we might have an answer :slight_smile:

@Spearhead01 Freddy, let us know what the differences are so we can look out for them and we can probably tell you.

@Uncle-Heavy help me out here :slight_smile:

Look at the footplates, spare wheel storage and roll cage.

@CMOT what am I looking for, can you link pictures of those items associated with each vehicle please

Jackal 1:

and another Jackal 1:

Jackal 2:

and another one:

Note how the machine gun has moved forward and slightly upward.
There is a load of other detail differences but I think the machine gun
relocation is the most obvious one.
It was discussed when the news about the Jackal kit was posted on Armorama.

HobbyBoss boxart:
If the plastic inside looks liek the boxart then it is a Jackal 2

This thread at Britmodeller discuss it and one poster seems to be happy with the kit, even if it is mislabeled.

Hi all,

here are two pictures from the kit; the last page of the instructions and the painting guide.

According the Scale Mates Hobby Boss has already released another newer version.

Jackal 1 has no running boards, no armor over the spare wheel along with the other already mentioned differences by Robin. The kit is a Jackal 2.