Hobbyboss Flakpanzer V Ausf A

Has anyone built this? Seeing as it is the only kit that captures the shape of the original wooden turret mock-up, I am looking to build it as such. I have been able to find only the same five photos of that prototype. Seems like it would be an easy trick to eliminate most of the turret details, and not mount accessories to the hull, etc. My interpretation of the color is overall panzer yellow…with the rubber on the wheels painted over (maybe the track too?). Any input or links to more detailed info would be appreciated.

The hobby boss Panther Ausf. A is very poor for a modern kit, and the flakpanzer is built on the same parts. For example, the schurzen hangers have the hooks that the schurzen are supposed to hang from molded upside down. One of the plugs on the engine deck that is supposed to be centered, has been molded off-center.

This build log of the original Panther Ausf. A kit is pretty scathing.


Thanks for that link Tommi! Looks like some of the major issues can be addressed by using some parts from my abandoned Dragon kit. The proto Flak V hull looks pretty stripped down in the photos: no tools, brackets, etc.