Hobbyboss open cab Deuce-and-a-Half question

Hello all, I know there has been a lot of discussion about the hardtop cabs on Hobbyboss duece and a halfs and I was wondering if this applies to the open cab versions. I just got the bofers version and have an Italeri one if I need to switch the cabs. Thanks Wayne.

The cab issue is “caused” by the hood (top and sides) and fenders beeing too long.

Sprue comparison:

The problematic parts are reused.

Swap the cabs.

The problem is slightly less obvious on the open cabs but once you know that it is there it will keep nagging you …


OK, thanks! So, side question, which chassis is better?Wayne

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The HB chassis is brilliant but fiddly to build. It is far more detailed than Tamiya, and even better than Italeri & Heller. But you want the cab from a Tamiya, Italeri, or Heller truck. I must say though, having built the HB kits, the issue is mostly noticeable if you park it next to an accurate Tamiya or Italeri kit - on its own it isn’t so bad.

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The quick answer is YES. The HB fenders and hood are too long just as on the hard cab. (It just is not as obvious on the Bofers.)

I agree completely with barkingdigger’s assessment of the quality on the HB offering OTHER than the cab, fenders and hood.

Comparison photo by John Hale:

HobbyBoss fender on the top, Italeri on the bottom.
NOTE: The Tamiya and Heller fenders are an almost exact match for the Italeri and can freely be exchanged between the three model brands.



Examples: My photos
Seen here is the HobbyBoss chassis and loadbox with the Tamiya fenders and side curtains and the Italeri hood and cab.

Please Note: I do not recommend recreating this experiment using parts from all three models. If I had to do all over again I would simply use the Italeri cab, hood and fenders on the HB chassis.


On the other hand:
The HobbyBoss chassis, engine and firewall may just be the best in the industry! *

Overall chassis length is correct. Wheelbase is correct. Even the overall cab/hood/fender length is correct. HobbyBoss (for some unknown reason) simply made the fender & hood way too long and then squashed the cabs (both of them) to make up for the mistake instead of fixing the mistake on the Bofers when it first came out. Every HB CCKW version introduced since then (open AND closed cab) has suffered this same problem.

Thank goodness the new 1 1/4 ton Chevy truck from MiniArt does not follow in HB’s footsteps!

*p.s. The new MiniArt 1 1/4 ton Chevy now takes the trophy for the best chassis/engine.
Even more fiddley, yes, but still the best!

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Here is the HobbyBoss initial early release photo for the new cab:
Being a big CCKW fan I was so looking forward to this new model but upon seeing even this first photo I knew something was wrong!


In my estimation the squashed HB cab would make a perfect starting point for scratch building a Bedford OXD.

Internet photo - used here for discussion ONLY

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Wayne: I know you said you have the Tamiya cab already as a substitute, however I do a lot of CCKW builds, mostly using the Italeri water truck hard cab. This leaves me with more than a few Tamiya open cabs to spare. I just shipped one off to another fellow modeler for him to use on his new HB Bofers build. If you want I can see if I have another complete Tamiya or Heller open cab/fenders/hood complete parts set I can send you.

No Charge, just making more space in the spares bin by moving parts I know I will never get around to using!

Anybody else having the same issues???

p.s. I have never built the Bofers/CCKW model so I don’t have any WIP photos of such a build but I would certainly swap out the existing HB open cab for another brand.

Hey thanks, I appreciate it, but I have a couple of Italeri cabs to use for it. I have seen a lot of your work on here and they look great. Anyway, thanks and hope to do this as an Indochina version. Wayne

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Time was the Italeri cab with MG hole was a dime a dozen here on Evilbay, but sadly supply has dried up - I’m hunting a couple to harvest cabs for HB upgrading.

Have only used one of those “gun cabs” so far!

Seen here is Italeri cab on Tamiya chassis with partly scratch built gun ring support.
(I love those Tamiya highly detailed wooden load boxes. They are Great!)

The beauty is, I now know you don’t necessarily have to add the gun ring just because you use the gun ring cab.

SWB CCKW ~ WW II Museum; New Orleans, LA ~ My photo

Also I have distant plans to one day do such a fire truck as seen here, using the Italeri “gun ring” cab, Italeri water tank and some left over (undersized Italeri DUKW “Super Single” tires:)


That last fire truck photo callsfor a closed “gun cab” without the gun.
I realize these are two different vehicles ~ modeler’s “artistic license” will be applied here.

Wayne, @namegr How’s the project going?

It’s on hold right now. I just moved and stuff is still a mess. Hopefully will get things arranged soon, thanks. Wayne