Hobbycraft 1/48 La-5FN Speed Build

Last weekend I was requested to build another model airplane for my great nephew from his grandpa, my brother in law. I looked thru my stash for a simple kit, and settled on the old Hobbycraft 1/48 La-5FN. I had built the La-7 about 25 years ago, so I had a good idea as to what to expect. Since it is going to be a ceiling hanger in a young boy’s room I decided to take a no frills approach. I even decided to paint it the old fashioned way, with good old red sable paint brushes. In a nutshell I had fun doing this build old school, and it sure got my modeling mojo flowing again. I kicked off the build on late Monday morning.

So here it is, all finished in a bit over 80 hours. Hobbycraft’s 1/48 La-5FN built OOB. I did modify a few parts with files or filler here and there, but nothing beyond that. I also used the kit decals, which surprisingly worked very well.

Now it’s all packaged up for travel to my great nephew and delivery to him over the weekend


Don’t know what x gramps that makes you but he will think it’s cool. Way to go and the model looks good to boot. :+1:

Thank you Tanks. Grandpa/Brother in law is great with tools and such, but is not a model builder. So that’s a role I get to fill in the extended family.

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