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Has any one dealt with this vendor ? I keep getting ads on facebook.

They look like they got some interesting stuff

Hi Tony , How are you ? yeah they do , I must’ve looked on their FB page now I get alot of ads … was wondering if anyone had any info .

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I summitted an order with them a few days ago - they were quick to confirm the order and ship it. 1 Day from order to shipment.

Have not received it yet - will follow up once received


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Thank You

Hey there
I’ve bought from them several times with no problems. They carry some items that are hard to find elsewhere. I’ve found a few things I didn’t know existed, and couldn’t believe my luck. Normal transactions. Similar to spruebrothers or Megahobby. Shipping isn’t any slower or faster in my opinion and the prices a good
Good hunting

Thank you . They do have some good stuff.