Hobbyworld-USA experience, May 2024

I was looking for an older tank kit that was generally going for about $50 with postage. My search found one at Hobbyworld-USA at a great price, $20 including postage. I had not dealt with them before and a search of model forums indicated that they were problematic, especially with respect to backordered items as part of a larger order and with communications in general. However, there were a lot of positive reports as well. I decided to take a flyer and place the order. (For perspective, $20 is less cost than two hamburger meal combos at a drive-thru . . .) I placed the order Friday evening and received a order notification soon after. I received a shipment notification with tracking on Sunday or Monday, and received the kit on Friday. I can’t find anything negative to say about this transaction.



Thanks for the heads up. I seem to recall a flap last year about an online shop. I wonder if this is the one. First thing I saw on their site was Lulubelle with figures. Not a bad deal.

Sadly, that doesn’t really narrow it down. I’d say “flaps” are about a 3 per year sort of thing, often with the same names coming up.

The HW-USA thread on here dates from 2021.


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Did you go to hobbyworld-usa.com? I just looked and they have only nine Miniart kits listed, none of them the M3 with figures set you mention.


Still there.

Maybe it works intermittently:

Bizarre. I just tried a half dozen searches - miniart, mini art, m3, m-3, lee, sahara, 35274 - as well as clicking on the Miniart plastic models link at the bottom of the page. Nuthin’.

I did notice when I was placing my order that different brands were creeping in under other company names. For example:

and Takom kits showing up under Meng, but not vice-versa. Something amiss with their database.

Incidentally, you get different featured items on the homepage than I do:


Perhaps the use of algorithms is more insidious than I thought. Earlier today I posted about searching for guitar riffs on Youtube - then I got an ad here for a guitar tuner, which has never even been close to my usual ads.
I just watched the Jim Belushi version of Sahara two nights ago. (again) Now I get the ad for that specific kit.

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