Hog islander's WWII

I’m working on a couple of hogs A and B, can’t find enough info on the armed merchants. Gun platform placement and shape of the platforms. Where can I find any drawings or overhesd pics. Can’t seem to find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time


There was a rather good mag called Plastic Ship Modeler back in the 1990s which I recall had plans of one. Published by a chap called Dan Jones, as I recall. Not sure where my copies are or I’d fish them out.

Thanks for the info, I have a popular book on them but it only has plans for the ships before and after the war. Wish the author would have included a couple of plans for the war time. I’m thinking of doing a south American cargo liner since it has plans for those. I’m also going to try to finish up my B hull which was a transport and one was a hospital ship during the war. I’m actually surprised that there isn’t more online about them as so many were pressed into service during the war. Its kind of funny how these ships were built for WWI but none served in the war as it ended within a year and all were finished after it was over but served in the war that supposed to never be. Like wasn’t the motto during WWI the war to end all wars. Again thanks for the information maybe I can find something online


Maybe this can be of some help:
and this:

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Thanks for the information my book is consider the top on hog islanders and didn’t have some of that in it. Have a great day and the rest of the year.