Hold Up! - Vietnam War U.S. Infantry Squad Leader

Very nicely done!

Hey, Travis, I hold the hair dryer back far enough to keep from altering the resin, it’s a soft resin on these particular kits as well. I use a quick hi-heat blast for about 10-15 seconds, then drop- back to low-heat to finish up the drying process. I’m holding the hair dryer back about 10-12", roughly. You’ll see the Dull Coat begin to fade to flat rather quickly, in most cases. You should also remember that when spraying, hold back from the figure at least 10", avoiding build up, and use quick passes, not spurts, passes only.

Pick up a can of Testors Dull Coat, try it on a figure you really don’t give a hoot about and see how it works for you. If it doesn’t work to your satisfaction move on to some of the other techniques mentioned by the other guys. Hope that helps.

Oils, yes, the dreaded oils. When I started painting figs it was back in the mid 70’s and only enamels were present. So, when I ran across oils I was hooked and never crossed over to the dark side, acrylics, because they remind me too much of enamels. IMHO, they eat up a lot of time and energy.
Blending, fading, and filters, all those great properties found in using oils is why I’ll never change my technique.