Holland Class Submarine 1:144 Scale

Ahoy fellow shipmates,
This is a recent build of the MikroMir Holland Class Submarine in 1:144 scale.
Overall it is a very nice kit with fine detail but required a little more
scratchbuilt additions and added a modified figure for scale reference.

Painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with W&N oils and
pastel chalk.
Hope you enjoy.


Very nice sir! Amazing work on the weathering.


Very nice sir! Amazing work on the weathering.

I agree. And the figure is a good addition too - it would be hard to tell the scale of the thing without him!

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David and Tim,
Thank you once again for looking and comments…
Have a great day!

Very nicely done sir! I have a K class in my build pile. If I can do half as well as you have I will be happy.

Thanks John for liking and I am sure you will do a great job on the K class.

Do post photos of your build once you get that going.

Beautiful work. I’m about halfway through their 1/35 Hunley.

A lovely small submarine, greatly executed. I like it very much :ok_hand:

That’s really nice. Brilliant work on the paint job and weathering.
Have looked at this and wondered how it went together.

I’ve been on the restored Holland at the Submarine Museum at Gosport. It must have been hell inside! These days it’s kept in a very dry environmentally controlled room.

Thanks for the comments and looking forward to photos of your build.

Thank you Thomas!

It was a vert nice build just had to add some scratch built detail.
Grab irons, the mast supports and those triangular plates fore
and aft of the access hatch tube because the PE ones provided
had no holes in them.
Thanks for comments,