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New printable design of an Sd.Ah. 24 Generator

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What if you don’t own a 3D printer?

Nice design. I will probably buy the STL just because it’s a nice design and to support the designer. I don’t even do WWII German. :smiley:

I was just thinking the same thing. Any plans to print kits off for sale? I can’t see anyone doing it is styrene, but you never know…

Find a place called Maker Space, or something similar. For a ridiculously low fee you have 24/7 access to lathes, milling machines welders, 3D printers, even an auto lift. Some are much better than others, so shop around.


Nothing like that over this side of the pond that I’m aware of, so have to pass.

3D Printers are reasonably cheap and common nowadays, maybe one of your friends, co-workers or relatives have one. Most probably a member of a modelling club, if there is one close to you. And in any case, there are printing services who can do the job.

You can also take a class at a local community college or university. Anything - Arabic, Intro to Stick Welding, etc. That usually allows you to use their own 3D facility. The university where my daughter teaches (and that my wife and I graduated from) has excellent facilities.

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This is very well detailed and looks like it can be easily scaled up to 1/16 scale with you 3D printers slicer program!

Shoot, the Cults3D site is stinking slow (it’s usually down about 25% times) and the file is so large that it will take 12 hours to download the file. :face_exhaling: :scream:

Does anyone know if these can be scaled up to 1/16th without problems?

I have downloaded the files and looked them over. In my view, they should be fine after increasing to 1/16 scale. Rather, decreasing to a smaller scale like 1/48 may be a concern for print fail due to some really small parts.


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