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First full kit downloadable from HomeBrewParts, an Sd.Ah56/57 Ammunition Trailer

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/homebrewparts-sd-ah56-57-ammunition-trailer
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THIS is exactly what I predicted a few years ago when the first consumer 3D printers came on the market. At some point, model companies will be selling .stl files instead of boxes of plastic. Instead of shipping models across the ocean, they’ll be emailing files and all we need to buy is raw filaments.

I still want a kit I can buy, open, and stash.

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Wonderful ! I was looking for an accurate trailer for years !
I want one !
Unfortunately the link is disabled…
But I will have !

Progress marches forward.
So far I have purchased 3D parts off Shapeways and from Panzer Concepts. Have also had two fellows make specific parts for me at my request and have also assisted in the design creation of two different complex models.
So far however, I have not seen the need to buy a printer or learn the actual programming.

I am also a photographer and own an above average camera but I still get my prints done at Wallgreens and don’t see the need to buy one of those expensive automated print machines to have at my home.

In the article, the “It can be ordered here” link doesn’t work. First, how much does a file like this cost to download? Second, how much would it cost to print? Since, like Michael (165thspc) above, I don’t have my own a printer and have no desire to buy one and learn how to design stuff, etc. I have only had things printed at Shapeways. From what I have seen, larger items like this are quite expensive.

Matt, both you and Robin @Robin_Nilsson need to book the same therapist to get help for this :joy:

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If he finds two or more of us, we might be labeled a “syndrome”.

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LOL… just pick any 2 random threads and you are sorted for numbers … you could start a baseball or football (soccer :grin:) team lol

Link is fixed now, sorry. The cost of this file download is currently 4,00 euros (approximately 4,5 US$).

As for the cost of printing honestly I have no idea, but it should not be extremely expensive. Shapeways is not a good reference in that sense. Nowadays is not so rare to have a (modelling) friend with a printer, or a club.

In any case I have made a test with the first site that offered instant 3D printing pricing and got 32 euros for this 42 × 96 × 31 mm example model: