Honorable Mention

I just wanted to call Andy out for helping out with the news (and reviews!) sections on many of our new sites. It’s really going to help get these sites moving forward and I wanted to make sure he knows how appreciated his help is.

https://modelshipwrights.com/news, https://automodeler.com/news, https://modelgeek.com/news

Hopefully as our userbase learns the new system and how easy it is to post content we will see more names on these pages than “betheyn”. :smiley:

And thanks to all you guys for helping out. This is probably not the best timing for the site change-overs with the holidays and covid going on, but I know you will do what you can.



Thanks Jim.
If anyone needs help with uploading content, feel free to email me.
Andy :slight_smile:


I am happy to help anyone as well, staff or contributor, if they run into any ‘learning curve’ issues. I think the one thing that is always there is image upload limits. For this forum for example it’s 4mb maximum file size. And I think it’s 3mb on the content sites. So some images may still need to be resized on your local PC prior to uploading.


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I think the crossover is coming nicely. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive and I can’t wait to get Aeroscale and Armorama running new sites as well. I remember I didn’t have many problems with testing the beta-site and posting content, but if there is a problem I know where to turn to.

Thanks guys!

Andy has been loading news left, right and centre, especially grateful for the additions to the AutoModeler home page mate! I’ve just started a new job after being made redundant during the Covid lockdowns, so my life has become fairly hectic once again. Hopefully I can get some more time to focus on things here over the coming weeks.

Cheers, D


Thank you, Andy!