Horch 108 Type 40 in 1/35 from ICM

Some 25 years ago I got a Christmas present in the form of the Tamiya 1/35 Horch with the 2cm Flak. That kit is since long gone, but I liked the Horch vehicle ever since, so once ICM brought us their kit, I bought it straight away. I started to build it over a year ago, but due to other projects, it was finished only now. Despite living less than an hours drive from the original Horch factory im not an expert on the vehicle, so I built it out of the box. Overall its a great kit with engine and full suspention. Fit is great and no putty was used. All the fine a delicate details of the suspention and interiour are there. Some, like the seats are very fragile but the final look is great. Only downsides might be the rubber tires and the one piece colapsible roof with some seam lines. The kit can be bought in EU for 25 Euro which is a great value for money in my book.



Looks very nice and some good stowage as well. It also looks very nicely weathered as well and not overdone. I didnt know the spare wheels went on the inside … was that an original feature or a later mod ? I did the Tamiya one a while ago and it goes together fine, but has some bits that need to putting right but it is a decent easy build.

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Thanks. Yes there was a version with the wheels inside. The Tamiya kit was great in its day, but today its basically a toy, and im saing that as a huge Tamiya fanboy.

You did a great job on that kit. I might have to get me one of them. I have a WW1 US truck from ICM and it’s excellent. I heard their kits are really good now. Again great job on it!

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Nicely done!

Good job!!!

Great build of a very interesting and significant vehicle. :+1:
Unfortunately all the kits on the market currently, (ICM, Revell re-box, and Tamiya) get the front fender/wheel arrangement really wrong, and the Tamiya has those strange rear doors that they seem to have confused with rear-hung removable side doors. I wish there was a good after-market fix for the dodgy front end. :upside_down_face:

That’s a lovely example Jacob. I really like the worn and faded paint finish- a well used piece of machinery. Fantastic looking interior too with a few nice bits of stowage to draw the eye in.

Thanks for the comment, can you please elaborate on the fender and wheel issue ?

Hi Jacob
All the 1/35 versions of the Horch s.Pkw have the front projection of the mudguard too open and angled.

This means all the geometry around this area is thrown out.
If you look at original vehicles the forward end of the front mudguard is more rounded and less open.
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Yes, very much influenced by perspective and shadow on pics like this one.

This photo was in the original horch instructions from Tamiya. I don’t know if it still is.

Many ‘Blue print’ line drawings also show the wrong shape.

The side door storage arrangement you mentioned.

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I see. From period pictures it seems the majority were more rounded off, but there are quite a few with more prolonged front end (maybe bend out of shape? ). Thanks for the additional information.

Hi Jacob
As Peter said in his post the varying visual impression is caused by the perspective, lighting, type of tyre, angle of turn of the wheel, etc…

The mudguard is always curved all the way to its junction at the bumper bar, as opposed to angled/straight as in the kits.
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