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Another fantastic build of the German Horch 1A with 20mm Flak 30 from modelling friend David Strauss

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I really love that special version of the Horch with the modified rear and the 2cm Flak 30.

Overall very nicely done.

Although Afrika is a quite rough terrain, negatively impacting the vehicles over time, I am wondering, whether the weathering is a little bit too exaggerated.

Just my two cents


I don’t think so at all. By the way, Modelers 20 years back, looking at vehicles od all nations involved in that desert war in black and white photos, mistook clumps od road garbage that looked different than dust to be paint dings. Hence, an entire model paint business was born and there are many videos on paint chipping. But there is a problem with all that. Military paint was and is, very tough and you don’t get chips in it unless you run into something like another vehicle wit lots of mass in it. And a lot of modelers will look at Russian vehicles that have been abandoned in boneyards in the desert for years and decide that would be cool to use chipping and rust like that on other nation’s vehicles that are represented as being no more than a few years old and not abandoned. I stay away from that fantasy painting. However, you can make the case for desert German vehicles that were painted dark German gray and then shipped to Africa and repainted in sand yellow, having scratches that reveal the gray underneath.

There is any evidence of this chassis in DAK service? I know Horch with 20mm but with different chassis

The problem of the DAK vehicles is there are not all painted with "paint " they are often "painted with sand water paste .Thats not very durable so chips will be there as this was dried .The DAK Colors was yellow and light green (maybe captured paints as well ) but I saw minor vehicles with this scheme .So the question is how much vehicles are realy painted with sand over grey and/or not only with mudpaste or only coverd in Dust ? Thats not easy to recognize on black and white pictures at all .Remember the old old discussion about the olive DAK Tiger ? Nobody got an evident this was happend and nobody could assert 100 percent that´s wasn´t like this .And yes the chipping and weathering is too much sometimes but it looks much better and it is kind of artistical freedom .

Response to the question of Lamb:

I have collected pictures of the Horch with the 2cm Flak used by the DAK and all pictures I know are showing the regular Horch with a flatbed on the rear where the Flak is mounted. All of these vehicles also have the green four leaf clover as insignia.


Nice model, and it is tough to tell from old photos if a DAK vehicle is covered in paint or mud…the weathering would be really different.
Have a sort of off topic question for any German readers…how is “Horch” pronounced? I’ve heard it with a “sh” sound and with a hard “k” at the end. Which is correct?