How 2 Make Airbag Suspension?

Hi All,

I was wondering if they are any SBS or blogs to make air bag suspension, it will be for the Maz 537 truck & trailer as well as a post apoplectic vechile?

My first thoughts were lots of discs glued together & then sanded to shape?

Trying to from from a apoxie sculpt putty?

What exactly do you mean by airbag suspension?

The airbags that can be used instead of springs both coil & leaf & the struts that coil springs usually use. Like you see being added in the car building / hot rod shows on tv

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A) For scratch building something like the above from top to bottom.

1)I start with Evergreen C channel.

2)Then use a punch & die set to make several discs for the sliver part. A top disc’ smaller middle disc and a bigger base disc.

3)The worst part will be punch a concentric hollow disc to attach to the bigger base disc to for the lip. It might be possible to use beading wire formed ans super glued in place to make the lip.

  1. For the top black rubber air bag I would punch a smaller disc and three larger discs. Likewise for the bottom airbag plus on extra smaller disc for the bottom of the airbag.

  2. bottom silver plater’ punch a small disc and a larger disc. The small square of Evergreen strip.

  3. bottom attachment points small section of c channel.

After making one I was happy with I’d use it as a master toxresin cast.

B) Better yet if you can draw it in 3D, perfect detail to 3D print.

My first thought was mini marshmallows.

But on a serious note - I’d make the airbag portions with a mini lathe. If you don’t have one that’s okay too. Chuck up a cylinder of resin or cured A+B putty in your drill press or even an electric drill. Use small files to obtain the shape you want and then cut it off. I’d leave a slightly smaller diameter section at one end to use as a casting plug because yes, you’ll want to cast the rest for uniformity’s sake.