How do I get hold of....?

Hi, I’m trying for locate a seller either the UK or europe of the ‘Octopus’ building/spraying jigs. I have searched endlessly and have, so far drawn a blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m assumeing you’ve tried their web site . . .

Cajun :crocodile:

Hi and thanks.

Yeah, I tried the website but, its saying ‘Out of stock’ i’ll email them for details of when it will be available.

Thanks for getting back to me, keep ya chin up and I hope you’re winning with your latest project.


They used to sell through eBay as well, but it is also out of stock:

I’m not sure if you’ll find the specific model jig you’re looking for here but try this link, caution though, these folks have just about any and every modeling tool you’ve dreamed of . . .
(Having technical difficulty getting the link to work)

Go to “” search for jigs and stands in the Tools and Supplies category, hope this helps.

Cajun :crocodile:

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Wow, i see what you mean they have everything and more. I’ll have a look and I’m sure they will have something I need. Thanks for sticking with me.

How are you doing, is the plastic doing what it should?


I second Agincajun recommendation for UMM USA, I’ve bought several tools from them, hex punches, circle punches, PE tools etc. Their prices are great, shipping is quick and the quality top notch. I’d go so far as to dare you to not find something “you cant live without”.