How do I make a Red Dawn Diorama?

I’d asked this question on another place , but vetting process to become a member was taking WAY to long

either the remake or the original cold war era one is fine , I’m up for all suggestions thank you in advance btw all your help is much appreciated

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Start by purchasing this:

Give Jed one of these:

Insert arrow into one of these, scatter a few more of them about in unflattering poses:

Put smoke bomb in this:

Convert this Charlie Sheen figure:

And put him on this:

Don’t forget some Cubans. Not the cigars, (Seinfeld reference) the actual dudes:

Add Colorado scenery:

Shake vigorously for two minutes. Instant Red Dawn diorama!

Somehow I managed to get by the vetting process on this site. :grinning:


no , it was another site…

I forget the name of it though

Link please to items , thanks in advance (gonna go afk for awhile… will reply back soon)

It was Finescale Modeler and you got some good answers there.

lol XD , that I did , I Just couldn’t reply back was the thing…

people got mad I couldn’t give my input since the vetting meant I couldn’t give my two cents

I’d have loved to have given more input on the answers but everything was taking so long and my threads took like 24 hours to get into the system… I couldn’t even send replies to people on there as to why that was the case (guess word does travel fast)

I Hope that isn’t a negative thing , god bless them for replying when I said literally nothing… just trying out another option is all

if you know anyone in that thread could please tell them why I couldn’t respond , I even tried reaching one in dm…

Just trying to do something where I can give more input on where people ask and give suggestions…

someone said it themselves best there… they were giving great answers I just wasn’t saying anything to add in… I just wanted to do it again on a site better suited to it

You’ve already cracked the code on this site. Posts must be at least ten characters long, and must pass stringent censoring process. Before you know it you’ll be able to post more than one photo at a time.


Thank you >.> (ig)

Well , generally my posts are always long…

I’m a fast typer and I’m always one for a conversation

but yeah , both movies are fine for suggestions…

Though for the remake I’d prefer the Chinese for a Diorama… though it would be pretty neato to a do an American Invasion with North Korea (Maybe North Korea is aiding China… idk ??) anyways I’ll be back later to see , thank you all


18Bravo is referring to me or one of the auther moderators and we only crack down on things if it gets too political or posters are getting into personal attacks. Calling someone a jackass if that person has earned the “title” is usually OK :wink:
Keep it fair and reasonably polite.
The system itself censors a smallish collection of three and four letter words,
we have to write: “the excrement has hit the fan” instead of the shorter version …


I Just wanted help with my red dawn diorama >.>

it is noted though…

Thank you

Forget to say:
Welcome aboard!
Looking forward to seeing the finished diorama :smiley:
Cheers / Robin

One of my favorite scenes in Red Dawn 1984

Thank you :slight_smile: