How do I post an event in multiple sites?

I created an event in Armorama for the IPMS Seattle Spring Show 2023. Is there an easy way to get this to appear in the other sites (AeroScale, Automodeler, ModelGeek, and Model Shipwrights)? It looks like the only way that I can do that is to create a login for each site and re-create the event in each site. Thanks, Rick

Yes, as far as I know there is no other way as they are separated sites. Copy&paste having two tabs open helps, though.

Most of the event posting (for shows etc) has been here in the forums. We don’t have a way of posting it over all the sites at one time. Originally I was going to rely on the main site for things like this and general modeling news, reviews, etc, but that hasn’t materialized as yet.


Thanks guys. I’ll set up accounts and copy/paste.

Of course each time you paste you will have to do some minor editing to change the copy in some small way. The Discourse software will often not let you post the exact same copy more than once.