How do ICM truck kits build?

Would like to hear about the build experience with the typical ICM truck. Noticed ICM offers several 3 packs of cool looking trucks. They look very tempting.

I haven’t build a soft skin truck in over thirty years. All comments appreciated.

Thank you

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You can peruse the instructions for the Leyland Retriever here:


I built one of their WW1 Liberty trucks for a friend of mine whose father drove one in the war. It went together very well with little to no problems. You just have to make sure the frame is straight when building it, and the engine was a little tricky to get in when assembled but other than that, it thought it was very nicely detailed and excellent in general. ( I’d put up pics but I somehow deleted about 800 photos by accident on my phone , I’m gonna try to recover them.). I can’t speak to the other ones in this topic though.


Like Richard, I built a different kit then asked about. It was AHN. All his point ring true. My kit does have some accuracy issues but looks the part in my eyes. Photos is the Bulgarian campaign. I do have a few of the ICM US WW2 trucks.

Here is a video for one of the kits you mentioned.

Don’t have a clue if they any accuracy issues.


Kits are nice but not easy. Every kit of a vehicle with a frame is more challenging than a lets say PzIII


As far as accuracy goes, it looked pretty close to me. The area that would need replacing or fixing would be the canopy over the drivers cab. It’s missing some tie down details essentially. I did limited research on the kit but loved it.


I appreciate the fast response and variety of replies!

That makes sense. Getting the frame square sounds super critical. Are the instructions accurate?

In general, were the instructions correct?


I’ve built their V3000S. I enjoyed the build, but it wasn’t too simple, some locating pins (or their corresponding holes) needed enlarging to fit, but I felt like the details were good. The engine bay on that particular model didn’t feel very detailed, but the engine was.


I know on the AHN they had one thing backwards that Tamiya fixed on the repop. I think overall they are not like Tamiya but not bad like Dragon.


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