How Does the CROWS II Remote Weapon Station Mount and Work?

I suppose that I should know, but I am wondering how to mount CROWS on some ideas that I have.

For instance, can CROWS II be placed on a standalone pedestal tripod mount akin to the ALIENS smartgun or on the cargo bed of a civilian pickup guntruck (I’ve never seen it both ways)? Can it be placed on top of a sedan if the roof is reinforced to accept the weight? Can it be mounted on top of a ISO shipping container? Does it need a turret ring?

What does it take to power and mount CROWS II? Where can and cannot it go on top of? I’ve seen it mounted on Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

Thanks in advance.

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Obligatory Prius-TOW post incoming…

You can even put it on a Mark IV patrol boat. The naval version of the CROWS II is called MK50 Gun Weapon System (GWS) a.k.a. MK50 Sea Protector :


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Thanks! I know about the Mark 50 Sea Protector.

Focusing, I’d like to place the CROWS II on the cargo bed of a civilian pickup or a M-Gator “Golf Cart” unmanned vehicle as a semi-realistic guntruck or drone. Is that feasible–or how feasible can that be? Thanks.

A CROWS mounted on a Buffalo - replaces one of the hatches.

As seen on a SOCOM RG-33 - replaces pintle mount mount on gun ring:


It does not need a turret ring. Just a mounting pad with sufficient strength and a single cable into the hull of the vehicle/boat/container which goes to the control box, screen and joystick.

It requires a 24 power source.

I know it’s not a CROWS II but what about this one ?

Or this bigger one (EOS R-400S Mk 2-HD 30mm Remote Weapon Station) ?

In action :

So I guess a pick-up mounted CROWS II should be doable (and plausible…)…


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Lightweight RWS :

Toyota Land Cruiser fitted with Aselsan SARP-L RWS :

Gurza 2 pick-up (based on a Toyota HiLux chassis) fitted with a SARP RWS (.50 Cal NVST machine gun)



Thanks, Frenchy, that is exactly what I am looking for! :grinning:

It makes sense to mount the RWS on the highest point on the pickup…hmmm…I’m going to have to figure out how best to do this.

Here’s a rear view showing the roll bar cage the RWS is mounted on :


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It´s not a CROWS but the original M151 Protector RWS with Javelin starter.

These photos kind of beg the question as to the cost of these RWS system mounts, or rather the sacrifice of protection (and I don’t know if these pickups are armored or not) for large caliber firepower.

However, these photos are exactly what I’m looking for so thanks again.

The Gurza 2 is not armored :


Thanks, Frenchy.