How is the “Iron Dome” missile system deployed

Every picture I have seen of an Iron Dome missile launcher shows it already deployed
I don’t see any way a set of bogies could be attached (like a container system) nor have I found any picture or description of how it is moved and sited
Has anyone found a picture or description of an Iron Dome launcher in transit



Any truck capable of handling a flatrack can move it

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I wander if the Italeri M1120 LHS kit can be used to mount the Iron Dome… :thinking: :thinking:

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I think that the Trumpeter HEMTT kits are better

The HEMTT’s used for the test are slightly different from the Italeri and Trumpeter versions.
See post below for the facts …

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I found this picture awhile back.

Photo credit US Army.

The Trumpeter kits are much better; however, they are not the current version used w/Iron Dome.

Both Trumpeter and Italeri kits are the older M1120A2 version.

The US Iron Dome is mounted on the latest M1120A4 version, which there is no kit of. There are parts on Shapeways to convert the A2 into an A4. They are quite pricey though.

Loaded on a US M1120A4 LHS, current version of HEMTT LHS.


Above is an M985A4 reload vehicle, not a launcher. It holds another box of missiles to reload the launcher. The apparatus on the rear is a crane to lift the box off/on to reload the system.

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Thanks for the replies
Too bad there isn’t a civilian version of the MAN 8 wheel in 1/35 since the Israeli armed forces seem to use civilian versions of heavy semi-tractors instead of military ones, the MAN & Volvo used for tank transports come to mind.
Maybe there is a “die cast” MAN in scale that would fit on the military MAN chassis

There is a die-cast Man TGX tractor by Welly. It would take a lot to make it into an 8-wheel DROPS (Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System) truck though.

MAN TGX XXL (4x2) Truck 1/32 Scale Diecast and Plastic Model by Welly - White | eBay

There is also this Man TGS Tractor that has the lower roofline.

1:32 Diecast Model Semi Truck Toy Man TGS w/ Container Trailer Miniature Replica | eBay

I think the model market would agree: we “need” a HEMTT A4.

Problem being tha production of the A4 is too expensive. The cab is different, the drive line is different and the engine area is totally different, so that pretty much means all new tooling with very little that can be “picked up” from the old A2 model.

Wheels, tires, gas tank, brakes and the LHS gear. Maybe!

Gino aren’t even the differentials and suspension different on the A4? Or is that just on the A3?

I believe the diffs are the same, but the suspension is all air-ride as opposed to spring suspension.

Here is a build @HermannB started on one, with lots of reference pics. I don’t think he finished it though.
Ordered HEMTT A4 suspension - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network

If I wanted to build a “complete” MAN “DROPS” you are absolutely correct - a lot of work
But If I use the Revell MAN 8 wheel 10T kit, and replace the cab from the “low cab” TGS, and put the Iron Dome on the chassis in traveling mode, the amount of work might not be too much.
The whole pick up and drop off (famous Russian driver) mechanism doesn’t have to be complete - like a “curbside” car model.

It depends on how accurate you want it. To me, the whole suspension/chassis looks lighter than the Revell Man 10-ton truck. It looks like a lighter civilian chassis/suspension, and smaller wheels/tires.