How many antennas on a Namer APC


I am building the Meng Israeli Namer heavy APC. A kit that I would recommend, although the 1 piece vinyl tracks seem very fragile. The vehicle has 10 antenna mounts with springs. My questions are. Why so many? How many antennas would normally be on the vehicle, during combat or training.? Does it matter if the antennas are white or black? How long are the antennas?. Most photos on the internet show only 1 antenna, but is that because they are just in training? Any help would be appreciated.

Have you decided on the version you will build? There are 3 options in the kit.


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I’m building the version with the Trophy APS. I may also add the Nochri Dalet mineroller.

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You cannot get a mine roller equiped version from the Meng kit out of the box because the Namer (better term Namera for ECV) used by the Engineering Corps have differences (some details on the front hull and the rear stowage boxes atop the vehicle).

I am assuming you are referring to the A version of the kit.

Here is a setup for a Namer

The basic antenna setup is one white antenna on the rear, atop the left corner of the rear exit door, like the one in the photo

and one shorter black antenna on the right side

The white one should be 6-7 cm in scale and the black one 3.5 -4 cm in scale.

There are also vehicles with different configuration, like the one in the photo, you can do something similar.

For the B version you need a different setup with more antennas

Thanks GTdeath13. That’s exactly what I needed to know. You saved me $25 dollars that i would have spent on the mine roller. Strange that the kit instructions give you the option of installing the mine roller, they even provide the parts for the first 2 steps. I could only find 1 photo of a Namer with a mine roller, so I was not sure it should be installed on this kit. Now I won’t bother.

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I checked the Meng instructions, part F80 is a Namera specific part at the front but you need this configuration at the back

Here is a photo of a Namera with the mine roller adapter and the Carpet system at the back

The higher the vehicle in the command chain, the more antennas it has.

It does: the thin dark ones are actually dark green and they’re for the receiver; the tall and thick white ones are for the receiver/transmitter.

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I will probably put 1 white one and 1 black one. I don’t think I would put more than 4. But could I put all white antennas?

A company CO/XO vehicle has usually three:

a brigade CO/XO five:

I’d say four is plausible for a battalion CO/XO vehicle.

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Maybe I will put 3 on then. And thanks for educating me on antennas.