How many can you name?

How many can you name in this recognition test?
You get 5 seconds to name each aircraft photo, I didn’t put this together but thought it fun to see how many I could name - I got 5 - 6 wrong or didn’t know the correct name. Please be truthful when you say how many you get wrong, it’s just for fun.

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Oh if you think you are good have a go with cargo aircraft, I suck, I only got about 10!

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In first video 17/ ~40? Not sure how many total.

Not sure why Viggen was in twice.

Yes noticed that, my main incorrect answers were the Chinese aircraft in both tests and the Goshawk, I knew it was the US Navy version of the Hawk but couldn’t remember its actual name.

I got around 10 wrong in the first video, didn’t know the full name for most of the Saab aircraft or the Chinese ones

I got 8 wrong.
Cheeta (I guessed Kfir)
F-1 (I guessed F-2)
L-39 (I guessed L-59)
T-45 Goshawk (knew it was a Hawk derivative, but forgot the name)

Well, I got wrong a few, the Goshawk, the Pampa, Strikemaster, Lansen and the Chinese ones.