How to apply this decal to this fire extinguisher?

I’d like to know how I have to apply the mentioned decal to these fire extinguishers I just put on my project today. If I need to put this decal on at all.

The reason why I’m asking this is, because it’s such a small decal. And the extinguishers are even smaller. And I honestly don’t see how I’m actually able to apply this decal. Without problems. And still letting it look reaslistic.

I would love to hear what I should be doing with this. Thank you in advance.


The decal will stick if you apply first a coat of gloss varnish over the extinguisher. Then you can use a decal softener to wet the surface just before you apply the decal. Tweezers are recommended for this. Finally you can tap some softener over the decal to have it perfectly stick around the extinguisher.



Sometimes I use a small wet paint brush to help with sliding the small decals off the paper and onto the part.

I actually have a set of extinguisher decals for the different versions so you kind of do. I’m sure Tetra would appreciate the advertising.

Better order of operation would be to able the decal before attaching to the model.

Many like to add details like the decal. You can paint a black (or correct color) box instead.

Magnifying lenses help a lot with these tiny decals! As has been said, first paint on some gloss and let it dry overnight. Then using Micro-set (the blue label) to coat the area while the decal is in the water. After very gently pushing it into position with a wet brush and carefully blotting with a paper towel, add some Mirco-sol (the red label) and leave it to dry. If the decal won’t snuggle down, give it another coat of Micro-sol after the first coat has dried.

After the decals are on, spray a top-coat of gloss to seal them in before weathering, then a final flat coat to dull it all down.

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Early war

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Small splashes of contrasting colors (such as this extinguisher decal) can really spark up a model! Yes, the application may be a challenge but if successful, the results are well worth the effort!

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