How to expand the capability of an ambulance

I got inspired by the news item about the TAM 2001 C from Triglav and checked out their website.
One of the gems I found was the Zastava AR 55 off road ambulance,
with trailer …
Go and have a look at the description, link above.
War sucks, getting wounded sucks even more and to top it off you get carted off on a trailer pulled by the actual ambulance …


Would this be better ? :thinking:



The medic/orderly driving the bike at least has some sort of control over what is happening :grin:

years ago my mother was a nurse and in her younger days needed to move house. not having funds to pay for a proper removal company she enlisted the help of one of the ambulance crews and their vehicle.
my mother then continued the story: “once you get rid of all that annoying medical equipment, it’s surprising how much you can cram into an ambulance. it’s even more impressive just fast you can move your belongings to a new home when you make use of the blue flashing lights and siren”.

I suspect those in the NHS do not condone this sort of behaviour nowadays as there is always an element of the fun police lurking in the shadows these days.




Hilarious :rofl: :rofl:

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I guarantee you from experience that when a police car whizzes by you with lights and siren, there’s a 50% chance it’s because he has to pee really really bad!

Or it’s near the end of their shift…

Or they are on a donut run?

My interest piqued I’ve just had a look at their website too; they do some interesting stuff in addition to armour for sure. I was particularly taken by this ambulance as I recall a grim image from the Bosnian War depicting one destroyed and full of holes. It may have been one clobbered in a NATO airstrike but I can’t remember. It was especially redolent of the time. In a way I’m sort of annoyed that I can’t find it anywhere. I am almost tempted by some of these models.

Quite a camping vehicle


Imagine the faces on the other campers when you pull into the camping site :innocent: