How to learn more about paint brushes?

I also didn’t put much thought into this topic. But in another topic I placed someone did show a lot of knowledge about paint brushes when helping me out. Can’t remember the name exactly. But I’m thinking it would be a good idea to get to know some more about paint brushes. What they can and can’t do. But I’m having no idea how or where to start learning this. It also seems a stupid question, but okay. Nevermind. I think it is important if I’m going to purchase new paint brushes, knowledge is another important part in maintaining the tools and equipment to get them the longest life span as possible. Making it worth the investment. I hope you can help me out with this question as well.

Stop messing up your paint brushes by Squidmar

Squidmar is a master figure painter :art: and has many outstanding tips on painting and caring for paint brushes.

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I use only synthetic fibre brushes because they go well with beginner. They might be as good as real fur brushes, but they are cheaper more durable and forgiving to maintain, especially for occasional use. Natural hairs are nearly as durable if maintained correctly, otherwise they may greatly degrade if not stored correctly.

I use the cheap synthetic brushes set for from Crayola to cover large surfaces on vehicles. A small set of 3 brushes from Tamiya, which cover most common tasks Then, a few set more “expensive” (7 CAD each, but some people only call 15$+ as expensive) for detail painting. I also use an assorted type of paint, from Humbrol and Model Master oil base, to MrHobby alcohol and Vallejo water base, the synthetic brushes can withstand all of these different chemical and stay stable for a long time.

I think there was a post on this topic on the old forums not long before it closed. You can google: “armorama archive” then using keywords combination like “brush” “natural hair” etc. The Archived forums is still a 20 years old accumulation of collective experience.

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Thank you for replying. I’m still having some Revell enamel paints. But I’m planning to transition to Tamiya and Mr. Hobby. Tamiya because I like them. Mr. Hobby because I’m wanting to try and have heard good stories about Mr. Hobby.

I’m going to investigate regarding your comment when I have time to plan it and so on.

Thanks for replying.

I tried Tamiya and the lacquer Mr.Hobby. Personally, i find that the smell and the thinner they use are a few notches stronger than the regular enamel with generic thinner. Their fume still gave me headache. Their thinner is also more expensive, but not a big deal with brush in long run. I was able to return them to the store.

Vallejo water base line is a more economical, safe and forgiving, ideal to start to learn with. The quality is just as good as the other brands.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I wanted to give Vallejo a try as well. But my space I have availlable is very limited. So I have first to use the Revell enamel paints up before I can give Vallejo a try. I’m interested in the storage solutions they offer as well, like cases etc. Personally I don’t think I’ve experienced headaches or so with the Tamiya paints. I like the smell, doesn’t stink or strong at all. Mr. Airbrush Cleaner from Mr. Paint in Slovakia smells a lot stronger.