How to make the best Narvik, 1940 HMS Warspite?

Hi Gents,
Which of the Academy or Trumpeter would be the best base kit to build HMS Warspite at Narvik??

Also would modifications would be required?? And what would be the best reference. I don’t know anything about warships, though I do know that HMS Warspite flew a Fairy Swirdfish MK 1 float plane.


Seaforth publishing, Shipcraft No15 is a good start

This is also a great reference

Do you plan on using aftermarket items? Because kit selection might change depending on how far/expensive you want to go with this.

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Lol well as you have showed me to fanatic books I need to get. So yes after market is definitely on the cards. Or should that be credit card.:rofl::rofl::joy:

And my lovely partner is amazing & supportive of my plastic addiction!! :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

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If you can source out an Academy Warpite premium Edition would be the best option.

The Academy kit has a better shaped hull than the Trumpeter one and is also cheaper to get, so go for that one.

The main corrections needed are to remove the AA mounts fitted after Narvik and the signal bridge. It is easy to find what needs to be done.

Regarding after market, Mk1 makes a pretty nice set with a deck and barrels included, which probable the cheapest option.

If I were you I would choose whichever kit is easier to source the aftermarket stuff for. Just my 0.02$.

Thank you so much for that information!! I will start looking into finding these & prices for them. Lol

I recommend the 1970s-era Schlachtschiffe und Slachtkreuzer by Siegfried Breyer.


Interesting project Mike,

Shouldn’r be too difficult, i would agree I prefer the acadamy kit. You will also need a Swordfish floatplane. One of Warspite’s Swordfish was only the aircraft launched from a battleship to sink a U Boat, It sank the U64 during the 2nd Battle of Narvik.

Cheers Si

Hi Bill,

Please excuse the late reply & thank you very much for that information, I will certainly look into that, does it offer more / different pictures / specifications, than the other books mentioned earlier?

Hi Si,

Thanks for the encouragement!! Now I just need to find someone willing to sell either of the special academy versions. With all the extras, would love to find the white box edition :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:, I know me and many others lol.


The Breyer book is excellent! It provides detailed drawings of each stage of battleship development, including detailed drawings and diagrams of each ship of all dreadnoughts of all navies through WWI and II. If you really want to do a back-fitting of HMS Warspite as she appeared at Narvick,