How to paint and weather a house diorama in 1/35

Hallo, guys…

The new VIDEO is out. I wish you a nice watch, and let me know what do you think…


Another good video. :+1:

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Tnx, mate…

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Absolutely astounding! You make it look very easy… I am trying to get up enough courage to try to build something similar… Great use of materials, never would have imagined using cardboard. Learning a lot and I did subscribe on Youtube to learn more.

Thank you so much for sharing… You are a great artist.

From somewhere in Ohio, USA

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Thank you for the tutorial!

For me, the “Aha!” moment in the video was the wet palette.

Over the last few months, in an attempt to better understand realistic painting, I have watched at least a hundred hours of landscape paining tutorials. Landscape painters all use wet palettes for their acrylic paints. Yet, after watching all those videos, it never occurred to me to make a wet palette for my acrylic model paints which constantly dry out, making me crazy. Well duh!

I learned the splatter technique about 8 weeks ago and it really produces some interesting results.

When I am feeling better I will convert your video into an algorithm and give it a try. :slight_smile: The results really do look professional.


Hallo. My technics usually are easy. I am trying to find cquick aproaches that works because I like to work fast. Well, thanks for the verry kind words. Share it with your friends. You can follow on facebook to @DioramaDevil. In the near future a Patreon page is in plan… :ok_hand:

Hallo there. Actualy those palettes come from figure painting I think :grin:. I use theme always. The only exeption are big loads of filter or wash, and things like chipping when you need thick paint always the same consistency. Tnx for your kind words. You can follow me on facebook @DioramaDevil and share my work with your friends.

Excellent tutorial Bostjan & totally endorse the gradual layers/washes approach, and faded scale-colours. Great job all round, have you considered using finely-powdered pastel chalk? I used to find those final grey weathering washes under window-sills etc. difficult to control using dilute paints until I used pastel dust. It adheres well to most surfaces, the big advantage is it can be faded out if too strong with a fine dry brush. :+1: :tumbler_glass:

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As I said in the video, the facade will be weathered… I am shure about chipping, oils and airbrush dusting. Mybe I wil give pigments (calc dust) a try… Thnx for the comment and ideas… :grin::ok_hand:

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