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Please enjoy the short video tutorial on painting miniature metal bucket.

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I paint mine chrome silver with a nice black wash.

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I also used this technique previously. Yet, the wash or panel liner may cause little stains. And the technique I present here is much quicker. In my oppiniin the Tamiya lacquer paint sets and dry very quickly, even when applied with the use of brush.

IMHO, these buckets seemed to be of zinc coated sheet metal. Therefore I am not sure, if this is the right choice of colours… too vibrant :thinking:

I think metallic grey (Tamiya XF56) would work; I’m using that color to replicate the color on the German 55 gallon fuel drums, along with the rusty steel rings - though Dark Green and Field Grey would work just as well if not better.

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I put just a reference photo below. I am glad that I managed to spark quite a discussion on rather trivial matter :slight_smile: And I agree that everyone is right - taking into consideration the fact that probably all of us have their favourite techniques to achieve desirable effects on their projhects. I just wanted to share the one I prefer.
Thank You for all Your feedback and response. I hope that more of us shall contribute their own ideas here :slight_smile:


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Galv steel takes on a chalky look.