How to paint these exhausts?

I’d like to know how to paint this exhaust. I’ve never really thought about this. And since I’m wanting to progress further. And make better models. I want to put some thought into this subject as well.

I know I could brush paint an exhaust or maybe even try to do this with an airbrush. Which I can tell will be already to difficult for me. Since I’m also having difficulties practicing airbrushing. Because of a lack of time. It really is a big issue and still one I have to deal with on a daily basis. And there just seems to be no real solution for me that actually works for this. But that aside…

How to paint this exhaust somewhat realistic? What techniques are involved in this? I have a set from AK Interactive 3rd gen acrylics with also a color for painting exhaust mufflers I believe that’s what listed on the box. But I don’t really know what else to do.

It would be great if you could help me out with this, it would improve the result of the project possibly by a big step. So thank you in advance.


À good start would be to get some color period pictures of the exhausts to have the right references.

The pipes should be rusty according to your taste and the cover would probably be in the original paint.



Sage advice. Some folks like to put baking soda on the exhaust to give it a texture. It’s easy to overdo it though. As for the covers they may or may not react to the heat. I’m thinking of Centurion exhaust shrouds as I say this.

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This might be a good time to practice any one of the various chipping techniques available, i.e., hairspray, salt or chipping fluid. A quick search will bring up tutorials on how to perform these techniques if you are unfamiliar with them. Various model building guides, such as Mig Jimenez’s F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions on AFV Painting Techniques also cover this subject.


Not exact the one you need , but a color pic of a ultra exact 222 replica build by a friend . Sadly it is brand new and not used .


When I built mine I gently rusted the covers with a couple of rusty-brown washes to build up some colour but still let the base yellow show through. Then I rusted the pipe so it was a dark red-brown overall, like you see on an old car exhaust. It all depends how long your 234 survived in service, as the longer it lasted the more the paint burned off…

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I sponge on various rust shades - light to very dark - and overlap the colors. Just keep sponging until you like the effect.
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