How to use Mr White Putty and Mr. White Putty R?

Today I was working for a short time on my Italeri Sd. Kfz. 234/2 Puma. And I saw some steps that I didn’t thought I could get rid of with a file or scraping with my knife. Because it was a dip or depression downwards compared to the rest of the part. So filing it all away would modify the whole part. And would take way to much work and effort. So I thought of using some putty. But, I’ve never actually used putty in my entire life.

I have been searching on the internet on YouTube a while back if there were instruction video’s on how to do this. But I couldn’t actually find what I was looking for.
Now I have looked in one of my scale modeling books of AK Interactive Q&A.
And I saw some clues on how to actually use putty.
But it didn’t actually show how to clean my spatulas after using this stuff.
Should I be using Mr. Tool Cleaner? Gunze T-113 - Mr. Tool Cleaner 250ML - Modelbouw Krikke But, is it safe to use indoors? Don’t I need extraction equipment for the fumes for example? Do I need additional safety measures for safely using this product? And a lot more of these questions.

I have these spatulas from Vallejo: Set van 3 Roestvrijstalen Spatels # Vallejo t02002 - Modelbouw Krikke

I could really use some help with these questions. Since it becomes used more and more frequently.

Thank you in advance,