How would you fill this gap?

Sorry about the crap photo, it was the best of 5. I need a real camera…

My Valentine has two identical gaps between the front hull and fender, on either side. I believe they are too wide for putty. I fear I won’t be able to sand whatever I put in there very effectively.

I’m thinking some styrene strip just to provide bulk, but not try to make it flush with anything, then perfect plastic putty as something I can kind of shape without sanding. But really… help!

Try Mr Dissolved Putty; apply with a paintbrush, possibly a 2 - 3 applications. Surface tension should, should result in a fairly even result. Clean brushes in cellulose thinners.

I would go with the strip styrene then fine tune if necessary with putty.


Strip styrene followed by application of Perfect Plastic putty. Apply then use a Q tip moistened with water to remove the excess. It will not bite into the styrene like other putties do and you can clean easily remove any from around bolt heads etc

styrene and putty or sprue goo

As it turns out I didn’t have any styrene small enough to fit into the gap (less than .5mm) so I just decided to try the perfect plastic putty knowing I could get it out pretty easily if it didn’t work out. It worked surprisingly well! So back to being on with the build!


Yes, it is very underrated and not used by a lot of modellers. Tamiya Grey is my usual ‘go to’ still, but for this kind of work and where there are details I don’t want to destroy Perfect Putty is… err… perfect.

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I love the stuff. That being said, I haven’t had great success filling big gaps with it before. I think this was helped by the location of the gap.

Yes, for big gaps I use styrene with a little PP. Too wide a gap and PP gets scooped out of the centre when you try and smooth it.

You could have used the good old stretched sprue :slight_smile:

Vallejo Acrylic Putty is very useful in these cases also, no need for sanding if smoothed but water after applied.

I wanna try that perfect putty. Sounds good. Thanks for the info!

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I’d prefer a solvent type that bites into the plastic. Is this like Selleys No More Gaps?

NMG is still flexible to an extent when cured. Plastic putty dries completely.

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Another option is the old stagers filler, melted sprue. Get a small clean glass bottle you don’t need. Part fill it with Poly cement. Cut up some bits of sprue, preferably from the kit you’re doing, that way it’s exactly the same plastic. Add the sprue to the cement and wait overnight for it to melt. If too thick add cement, if too thin add more sprue. Get an old brush and apply.

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They are pouring cement at my house. I could send them over afterwards for that gap… :zipper_mouth_face: