Howmet TX Le Mans 1968 | AutoModeler

Profil 24 are to release a 1/24th Howmet TX that raced at Le Mans in 1968.

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Well there’s one I’ve never heard of! It looks a bit like an Egg-GT40, or perhaps a GT40 pedal car.

I’m off to google it now and check out the specs and history.

Cheers, D

Never heard of it either. Good looking classic race car.

Was lucky enough to see (and hear) this run at Daytona. The European V-12 would go by with their hi-pitched screams, the American V-8s with deep, ground shaking roars, and the Turbine car with a gentle, quiet, WOOOSH!

Lucky enough to find a partially built MPC model of it on ebay at a reasonable price, which I’ve disassembled and painted, and am in the process of building.

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