Huge stash clearance, great deals!

Hi all, having a massive stash cleanout. All kits in like new, excellent condition from a smoke-free home. Buyer pays shipping via USPS, please message me with your complete address so I can provide an accurate quote. Prices as marked, there are some serious bargains here. I accept Paypal (friends and family only), though I will take checks/money orders if necessary. Thanks for looking.


35197 M88A1 Recovery Tank + Bronco AB3563 T97E2 Tracks $25


AO6443 1920 B Type Omnibus 1/32 $15


3535 M1A1 AIM (+ Bronco AB3522 ‘Big Foot’ Track Set + Orange Hobby barrel) $40


82247 Land Rover WMIK w/Milan ATGM $10


DS3507 Wehrmacht 3t Trucks (V3000S, KHD S3000, L3000S) $65 (3 kits!)

DS3508 Wehrmacht 3-axle trucks (33D1, 3H163, LG3000) $65 (3 kits!)


SS-004 M2 Bradley wBusk III + Interior $45

TS-035 Panther Ausf.A Late + SPS-049 Late Tracks and Suspension $40


25015 Husky MkIII VMMD $20

Rye Field Model:

5015 Tiger I Late Production (+ ABER 35L-181 Barrel Set) $40

5069 StuG.III Ausf.G (Hull bottom barely started)

+2020 Upgrade Set

  • ABER 35L-60n Barrel) $40

5070 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.J (+ 2005 Upgrade Set + ABER 35L-371 Barrel) $40


2019 Ukraine KRAZ 6446 Tractor w/ChMZAP 5247G semi-trailer $50

2021 Feldumschlaggerat $15

2102 Bergepanther Ausf.D $40


01503 Canadian Husky $10


PM Sent

Jim is an excellent seller. Highly recommended!

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I’ll second that. He is great to deal with. Too bad I don’t need anything off his list.

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Jim sorry can’t PM you, not smart enough. Are the Italeri USMC Sherman and M-7 Priest still there @ $5 apiece? I’m in the USA in MD. Pay pal would be thru my wife. No rush in letting me know. Mike

Click on his name and you will see a box pop up. Click on the “Message” bar and it will take you to the PM page. The rest is just like posting here.

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Thanks Gino :wink:


John - as of right now those are already spoken for. Sorry!


Hi Jimbo,
I’ve been on Armorama for at least 15 years but just joined KitMaker and cannot email yet.
I’m interested in:
5610 Vosper 72’6” MTB 77 $45
5613 Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 $45

206 M7 Priest $5
203 M32 Recovery Vehicle $5

SS-02 D9R Armored Bulldozer $40

SS-004 M2 Bradley wBusk III + Interior $45

Rye Field Model:
5052 M1240A1 M-ATV/M153 CROWS II
+1001 M-ATV Resin Wheels
+1002 MRAP Radio Set
+2010 M1240A1 PE Upgrade Set $50

2021 Feldumschlaggerat FUG 2,5T $15

342 M792 Gama Goat Ambulance $15

Please reach out at
I use Paypal.

I just bought all this kit, this is a seriously good deal.

Huh? Not from me…


Do you still have these:

ICM 35583 Einheitz-Pkw Kfz.2 and
ICM 35651 Standard B ‘Liberty’ Series 2


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I believe he means he has bought the same items, thus he knows your asking price is a good deal.


Got the Meng C-HET today! Incredibly fast and let me know every step of the process! (Still wish I would have scored the M-ATV set)

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A # 1 seller - super fast shipping!

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PM sent about AFV Club M88A1

Jimbo, please send me a different email address. I replied to you 3 times with my postal address but it seems you don’t get my emails…

At risk of sounding like eBay feedback, received a model set yesterday. Great model set at a great price, very well packed and shipped very quickly for a very reasonable shipping cost.


Buy with confidence.


Thank you for the models! Packaging was very good and shipping to California only took a week. I look forward to building them over the next few months.


PM sent regarding these:

Italeri 722 Fire Jeep (1/24 scale) $5 and the
ICM 35507 Model W.O.T. 6 $20