Hull defilade with tall grass diorama

I’ve continued my Type 89 wip to this forum. I’ve decided to put it in a diorama. I’ll be displaying it in a hull down firing position. The type 89 will be concealed by tall grass, i used a natural brush to make the grass. To make the grass i soaked the paint brush in a light green and water mixture. After soaking for 30 mins i started cutting off pieces of the brush and have slowly built up my tall grass. It’s far from perfect but i like how it’s been so far. I’ve drilled holes one by one so that i can “plant” my grass and give it a firm base with this method I’ve also covered the holes with modge podge to add an adhesive. It’s not finished yet but here’s my work so far. I used ammo Mig earth to cover the plaster i used. For the defilade firing position i will use ammo migs dry mud feature.


Looking good, very dynamic position to show it off.

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@Karl187 thanks karl, i wanted to do something different with it. I also plan on a diorama using tall grass in the future and figured this was a good way to practice.

Here’s another in progress pic. I used ammo migs dry mud accessory and it’s coming along quite nicely. Next up is to paint the sides an earth color then paint the wood base a Matt black. I may try and add a figure or two to this eventually but it’s hard finding good poses of PLA soldiers. If anyone has any suggestions on converting figures I’d love to hear them.
Also added is a picture of the brush i used and my bowl thats is now filled with grass.