Humbrol Masking Fluid cleanup

I want to use a brush with this fluid and was wondering what were my options if any I could use for brush cleanup.
Thanks for any insight.

You want ammonia solution. The masking fluid is basically rubber dissolved in ammonia, so more ammonia will clean your brush for you (and help remove stubborn masking on kits). You can get it in most ironmongers. Try diluting it first, and adding a bit more, until you get the performance you want - raw ammonia solution is pretty eye-watering stuff.

Tamiya extra thin or similar will work, but both the Humbrol Maskol and the extra-thin will mess up brushes terminally.

I use toothpicks or thin wire to apply

Thanks for the replies fellas!

I actually found a utube video confirming the Ammonia base for maskol.
Amazon is already on it.
I will play around with the ratio until I hit the sweet spot
LOL Ironmonger =Hardware Store just had to google that one.

you can try the disposable micro brushes too.