Hungarian 40M. The Magyar 40mm version of the Pak35/36

As usual all it takes is one picture to get me going.

After some research let the scratch/ kitbash begin.

Making new wooden spoke wheels with pneumatic tires out of wire wheels.
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The 40M was a Hungarian version of the Pak35/36 that had a new barrel that would use the 40mm ammo that their Bofors guns used. Different wheels and a minor change to the gun shield . The barrel profile and length visibly different .

The donor wheels were from a MSD kit. Have not decided on the kit to use for the donor gun platform…I have Dragon,Riich,Zvezda,Nitto, Bronco,Tamiya, and MSD.

It always starts this way. One picture or obscure reference and the hunt is on.
I have pictures of one at a Hungarian military museum that has a close up of the wheels and they are clearly wooden spoked , much like the original Pak 35, but I’m not so sure of that in the above picture as the spokes are very thin.


Looking forward to watching this build.

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Me too. I hope neither of us are let down.:wink:

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Some progress.
Parts from Dragon,Riich,Special Armor,and MSD


Finished. Not spectacular . Very subtle differences between it and the German Pak 35/36.

Wooden spoked wheels ,36mm to 40mm, and slightly longer barrel.

This home built anti- tank gun allowed the Hungarians to use the same 40mm rounds they were producing for their domestic produced Bofors as found on the Nimrod.

Now have to build a gun crew. In their unique short sleeved shirts, great coats, or in their quilted winter garb ?


Hungarian 40m ( MSD and Dragon kits)…Pak 35/36 (Dragon kit)… Pak 41 4.2cm squeeze bore (Riich kit with Custom Scale conversion.)


Very nice and original collection :slight_smile:


Thanks, be nicer if they were painted. :upside_down_face:

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Ausro-Hungarian 7.5cm gebirgskanone (mountain cannon ) used in both WW’s.

A Skoda designed weapon that was fielded by other countries like Germany(GebK M15 (t),Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, China,…etc.

One I built in a mountain pack version were the shield was not used and a gebirgsjager crew.