Hungarian Leopard 2 camo scheme query

According to this article (in Hungarian) they’ve picked the FN MAG:

Thank you. That MG is a great weapon that rarely jams and is a great choice.

I have purchased the decal already but not yet used. It looks really nice. The manufacturer / company owner has very good reputation in Hungary, a safe purchase if you opt it.


Excellent and inspiring topic:)

BTW - Am I the only one that keeps misreading the topic as HUNGRY Leopard 2 :leopard:

Just wondering


Hi Dan, there are some minor changes which you need to follow if you want to build a model. There is a strange feature on the top of the turret left side:

Also the 6+2 smoke grenades, and also the FN MAG). I did not see other than these but they are so visible that you would surely need to improve any manufacturer’s kit chosen.

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Thank you.
That object looks to be a frame.

Looks like some kind of storage-box rack.

Hi Dan and RR,

So far I am not aware of any modeler knowing the purpose of that frame. I have the 6+2 smoke grenades, proper MG and the decal sheet but this frame will be hand made. I am still wandering if anyone would make it from photo etch.

Maybe the Hungarian Leopard are ex-Dutch. The frame on the turret may be for the Dutch stowage box. The use of the FN MAG mounting might indicate and ex-Dutch, too.
Legend Productions has a conversion that might help.

Edit: Just read the the tanks are probably ex-Austrian.

Leo 2A4 delivered to Hungary came from those stored at Krauss-Maffei, the article does not mention who owned them before they were stored at Krauss-Maffei …

Hi Hermann,

Interesting point (even you corrected it to Austrian, also Robin pointed out it). I have the Revell 2A5/2A5NL extra NL sprue that includes this container you have mentioned but not the frame. I asked that sprue from Revell aftermarket service (and they were great to send me free of charge) because I wanted to build a 2A4NL version from the Meng kit. By the time this sprue landed on my table, I was more than shocked reading the purchase (leasing) contract of the 2A4HU version. So plan changed and now I will build the Hungarian version. That frame is likely a handmade part using 0.15 styrene sheet or photo etch (whichever will be easier to do).
But the purpose is still a mistery for me.


ps: the Revell 2A5/2A5NL kit has the same sprue, btw. I have that kit (just finished) and now I have both sprues, not used…

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Maybe we should wait for pics of the Leopard 2 in action/on exercise?

No need to wait already. Action!


Who Let The (Big) Cats Out?

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It`s always funny to play with “kittys”. :grin: What does the title of the video mean?

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Big Cats (Were) Let Out

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So I see that Leopard Workshop makes a FN MAG Leopard Workshop : LW047 - Leopard Turret Top FN MAG/C6 Machine Gun
But it is out of stock-any idea where someone can find one elsewhere?

Dan, this kit has it. The kit has an option for the Koninglijke Landmacht which includes the (original belgian made) FN … :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks-maybe I can find the tree somewhere.

Thanks for posting the video, Tamas! Brings back some fond memories of my service time in the late 1980’s, though I was only in my first year on the Leo 2A4. The other 3 years I drove a MAN 5 to gl truck and our unit had no fuel trucks. So when our Leos were out in the training area (usually over the weekend :grin:), we had to refuel them with our 20 liter jerry cans … :wink: Times are changing.