Hungarian Leopard 2 camo scheme query

Any ideas or steers on what these colours might be?

From my Mk. 1 eyeball I would say, speaking Tamiya colo(u)rs, I would say:
Base XF-26 Deep Green
Brown XF-52 Flat Earth
Tan XF-55 Deck Tan
Grey XF-62 German Grey


Thank you very much Hermann.

Paul, we had this discussion about a year ago during the Leopard 2 Campaign, when Hungary got their first Leo 2A4. Our hungarian friend Tamas had posted a side where all the colour codes are mentioned. It’s all in hungarian, so if you need help, please contact Tamas.
Közkívánatra! – MH 25. Klapka György Lövészdandár (

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  1. Base color (40-50%) - NATO Green (RAL6031)
  2. Secondary color (20-25%) - Brown-Grey (RAL7013)
  3. First complementary color (5-10%) - Anthracite-Grey (RAL7013)
  4. Second complementary color (5-10%) - Beige (RAL1001)

Attention! Each Hungarian Leopard has an individual scheme!


Torsten, RR, thank you both very much for this. Very helpful.

Has Hungary made any changes to the tank?

Hi Dan, I couldn’t be sure but nothing I’ve been able to find so far suggests they have. But just watch, I’ll probably be proven very wrong before the day ends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you, the MGs are still german?

So after a bit of reading, it looks like Hungary will get the A7+ version in 2023.
The same as this Meng kit?

Hungary is leasing 12 A4s for training; these all have been delivered by December last year. Based on the official designation of these tanks (A4HU), I would say they most likely have been slightly modified to meet Hungarian requirements.

44 brand new A7+s will join them starting from 2023.

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Not the exact same but I’m not sure what the variations are. The Meng kit is a demonsrltarator version so there are differences Michael Shackleton might be the man to ask on this.

Yes, after doing a bit of reading it does seem that it will be slightly different.
I also noticed that the A4 has a US style M240 MG in the loaders position.

Told ya it wouldn’t take long😜

Does anyone know of the quality of these decals?

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These are new to me. Might invest myself if they’re up to it.

Detailed walkaround of the Hungarian Leopard 2A4 here:

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You can also buy directly, I know the owner, he is actually designing these and printing is done by another company. I have not used their products yet but it should be OK.



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Also this is partially the same as the gallery linked earlier but with more photos:

Also the HDF’s FB page has nice photos an videos from time to time.

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Thanks-I ordered a set from HLJ and am looking forward to this build.
It looks like the tank is not using the German MG-do you happen to know what the Hungarians are calling the MG they are using? In the US Army it is the M240.