Hunters become the hunted - 1:35

Hi All,

Jurassic Park, The hunters become the hunted -1:35 scale.


T-rex/figures and Jeep - The T-rex is from Tamiya, the figures are from Trumpeter and the jeep is from Jada Toys and it was jeep #18 but I thought I’d throe an Easter egg in and change it to #10.

Base - is an old shelf and the diorama base is foam board, I used used a mix of spakfilla/sand/dirt to make the ground work and once applied and dried I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water to give it a muddy look.

The bushes are from Woodland Scenics and are from their foliage range, the palms/ferns/grass tufts are from Gamers Grass and the spikey plants are plastic plants from a pet shop. The dead tree trunks are pieces of dead branches which I soaked in methylated spirit to kill any bugs and stop them from rotting and the vines were made by pouring thin strips of PVA glue onto non stick paper and then sprinkling Woodland Scenics foliage climbs over them.

The gate was made using foam for the columns and wire for the rebar and plastic rod for the fence section and the gate was made using plastic card and rod and the signs are from ETA Dioramas.


Look so good!

Thanks heaps @Dinocamo

Now that’s a very imaginative piece Ron! You have got the scale of it just right- enough to convey the size of the T-Rex but not so large as to drown out the smaller figures. Fantastic work on the Jeep too- how did you get the decals for it?

I like it. :+1:

I’m amazed that the T-rex can stand what well with only one leg. Is it that light or you used some kind of magic?

Hi @Karl187,

Thanks so much mate and the jeep already had the decals on but it was vehicle number 18 so I painted out the areas to make it number 10.

Hi @Tank_1812,

Thanks mate.

Hi @Dinocamo,

The T-rex is pretty light but I pinned the foot to the base so it wouldn’t move.