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Eduard is releasing in February the Hawker Hurricane Mk I in 1:72 scale with five marking options

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A welcome release. Any idea if it will be a fabric or metal wing Mk.1?

Based on the markings options, I’d say metal wing.

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Thanks Michael.
Could definitely do with a new metal wing at 1/72. I’ve got a couple of the Airfix fabric Hurri’s, but always found it a bit limited with what you can do with it.

Agreed. Nice kits, but they never chose to do the metal wing for some reason. I gather those Arma kits (on which the Eduard release is based) are very good.


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Great that they did it though as the pre and early war version had been neglected in mainstream.
I do have one of the Arma IIB’s and it looks very nice in the box. Will have to make a start on it soon. I would say that it is THE kit to get for a 10 gun Hurribomber. Eduard will certainly do something good with it.